In A Nutshell:

We Print Things.

Superior Merch is a premier screen printing & embroidery company based in Northeast Ohio that is committed to creating printed products that withstand the test of time. As a family owned business, we guarantee quality and print deadlines, all while providing clients with the best possible experience & customer service there is to offer.

From A Humble Beginning:

Founded by Devon Brabenec in the summer of 2006 with 1½ employees, Superior Merch is now a talented group of innovative printers and graphic designers, set out to make ordering custom printed t-shirts and other promotional products simple & stress free.

Since the good ol' days back in 2006 when we were printing our first t-shirts in what used to be an old chicken barn, we promised our clients and customers we would offer the very best quality prints with an amazing level of respect and customer service. These core values are ingrained in all of us. It's not just a fancy quote on the shop wall, or some text we copy and pasted onto our website.

It's these two basic principals & values that make all the difference!

Thirteen years, three name changes & four storefronts later, we are trusted by people around the nation to deliver a top-notch printed product, on time, every time. Here at Superior Merch we go far beyond what most other printing companies will do to achieve this simple goal.

5 Things We Do Really Well:

  • Screen Printing
  • Embroidery
  • DTG Printing
  • Marketing Materials
  • Promo Products

5 Things You Can Expect:

  • Long Lasting Products
  • Commitment To Our Community
  • Free Local Delivery
  • Printed In Ohio
  • Awesomeness Guaranteed

Great, another printing company!

How are you any different from my current screen printer?

Easy. We deliver results!

We are not “Joe” your screen printer buddy who operates out of his garage like it’s still 1984, and barely knows how to edit your design on his computer. Superior Merch has roots dating back to 2001. We have over 15 years extensive training in design, over a decades worth of screen printing experience and roughly 50 years of sales & customer service expertise.

For us, every project is a special one! We’re here to bring your ideas to life and our experienced staff treat every project like it's their own.

We take pride in printing our t-shirts in Ohio! Don't be fooled by other online printers claiming cheaper prices. Sadly, a lot of them often outsource their orders to Timbuktu and leave you with a hefty shipping bill or shoddy end-product.

Work Seen On:

The Goal Has Never Changed:

Hold ourselves to a much higher standard than the other print shops.
So whether your order is for 35 t-shirts or 3,500, you can count on Superior Merch to do it right the first time!

Awards & Recognition:

But Enough About Us:

Let’s talk about you! Whether you own a business, manage a full-blown marketing department, or just want some shirts for your family reunion, you need a reliable printing partner that takes care of the all complicated stuff, so you can focus & spend time on doing whatever it is that you do!

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